About the OSMA

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Oregon Sunstone Miners Association

Over the years the place for Oregon Sunstone in the fine gem and jewelry marketplace has been assaulted time and time again by unscrupulous, dishonest gem dealers treating clear feldspars, often from other locations such as Mexico and selling it as natural Oregon Sunstone and then as Tibetan, Congolese or Mongolian Andesine.

The miners in the Rabbit basin area outside of Plush, Oregon decided to join together and offer the gem buying industry and the public a way to recognize and be confident that the Oregon Sunstones they are purchasing are truly natural and untreated and that they came from the ground in the famous gem fields of south central Oregon.

When you purchase Oregon Sunstone from a registered member of the OSMA or one of their licensed agents, you can be 100% confident that the stones that you are buying where mined in the Oregon Sunstone gemfields and that those stones are completely natural and free of any enhancements.