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The Oregon Sunstone miners association has recently been in communication with Gemporia and associated companies in the UK regarding branding and sales of Oregon Sunstones. A statement letter regarding this communication will be posted on this website soon.

Please check back to learn more...

Current OSMA Members:

Dust Devil Mining

Sunstone Butte Mine

Ponderosa Mine

Work Um Hard #4

Suncrystal Mining

Sunrise Sunstones

Horizon Gems

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Our Mission  first and foremost is to maintain the integrity of the image and marketplace for Oregon Sunstone as a rare, all natural, all American gemstone. If you purchase Oregon Sunstone from a member of the OSMA you can be confident that the stones, rough or finished, are free of treatment or enhancement of any kind and are mined in Lake or Harney County, Oregon, USA.

Oregon Sunstone Miners Association

The association has decided to accept Associate Members to allow those who purchase from association miners to also display the OSMA logo.

To qualify for associate membership an individual or company that sells Oregon Sunstones, or jewelry containing Oregon Sunstone, must be sponsored by a board member, apply for associate membership and pay annual dues of $350.00. Associate members may use the OSMA logo and the fact that they are a member of OSMA, to represent that they are selling 100% natural Oregon Sunstones from the Lake and Harney county mining areas.

About Oregon Sunstone:

According to Native American legend, after a great battle near the Ochoco mountains the blood of a great warrior wounded by an arrow   dropped onto pieces of Oregon sunstone. The blood carried his warrior spirit into the stones, coloring them with shades of red and giving them sacred power. Believed to instill the holder with the power of the mighty warrior's spirit, the stones with the deepest red color were valued the most. More...